Saturday, January 2, 2010

Addiction Ends, :)

Idola kecil ends tonight. Haihh, lpas nie dah tkde dh mlm Ahad jerit-jerit nama Azzam tu. Azzam Azzam, I dont think I can put into words. Suare sedap, cute pulakk. Indah kan ciptaan Allah? Even dye dpat secong place kn? Tkpe tkpe sbb suare Dayana tu mmg sedap jgak. Yg paling best mase dye perform lagu Black la. Fieqa tak tgk pulak, dye tgh ontheway g Uptown Damansara. Rugi you babe. Atilia ckp,' You gonna be someone in this industry'. Yeahh, soooo true. You go Azzam. :) And and congrats to La's and Rafaa's Mummy sbb favourite auntie menang kan?

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